Besting Autoimmunity

Mind Body Connection I: Keep Your Energy flowing.

Mind Body Connection I: Keep Your Energy flowing.

Mind Body Connection I: Keep Your Energy flowing.

Healing autoimmunity is not a case of healing the body alone. Healing any condition, but particularly a chronic condition requires healing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

While the body is the last to know and to heal, (See entry 9/03/2015) it’s the mind and unconscious emotions that are working to sabotage any physical effort to heal. I first learned this from Dr. John Senaro’s book Healing Back Pain: The Mind Body Connection,, and from a wonderful webinar- Soulprint Healing- taught by Carol Tuttle through Mindvalley productions.

Emotions are a powerful form of energy. We can’t control our emotions, though that’s what many of us were told to do at a very young age; “settle down,” “stop crying,” “wipe that smile off your face,” We may have learned to look like we were not feeling anything, but we were not controlling or ridding ourselves of our emotions. All we did was push them deeper into our bodies and psyches. Over the years, these blocked emotions (energy) joined at least three other conditions, the particulars unique to each of us (stress, environmental stressors, diet, our own DNA) to bring on autoimmunty.

Imagine a river flowing from its source to the ocean. A dam may be built to harness the energy of the river’s flow. But in time the dam must release the river water to avoid damage to the surrounding land. It’s the same with energy in the form of emotions. We try to dam/stop our emotions, and in time, blocked emotions/energy will damage our bodies.

Blocked energy (emotions), if ignored, will pop up at anytime, as strong as ever. They usually become triggered by our most intimate relationships (partners, parents, and children – sometimes bosses and co-workers.) If we continue denying this emotional pain (like we learned to do as children to get along with family and friends), it will go even deeper into our bodies showing up as a back ache, tooth ache, or a serious illness. The good news is that we are no longer children.  We have a choice now, whether to ignore the pain or acknowledge it.

One way to acknowledge our pain is through contemplative meditation. By sitting quietly and focusing on whatever feeling appears (emotional or physical), you allow yourself to be present to and aware of the feeling. This is just the beginning of a four step process to release blocked energy and let it flow through your body; (1)allow the feeling, (2) feel the feeling, (3)consciously recognize the feeling, (4) release the feeling.

When energy flows easily and freely through your body, it can heal itself. We’re designed to be whole, well, and optimally functioning. Donna Eden writes in her book Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality,

“Your body’s health reflects the health, integrity, and flow in your energy body.”

To find the details of your “energy body,” please read her book.  (Briefly, it’s your electromagnetic energy field in and around you. No kidding, you have a force field just like Luke Skywalker.)

Please read my next post, “Mind/Body Connection II: Pain is a Messenger,” to learn more about the four steps in clearing energy blocks. And please take a minute and add your comments and experiences below.  Thank you everyone who has shared in other postings.



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